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Clean Beauty

Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate A.M./P.M.


6 ml (.2 fl oz) X 8 ($640 value)

Uniquely concentrated for visible impact, this day/night 28 day serum regimen incorporates the effective powers of 24k gold and a collection of supportive actives for the ultimate restorative treatment. When used day and night, these supercharged serum formulas give the skin targeted effects to visibly improve:

  • Improves skin dullness to boost radiance
  • Supports improving hyperpigmentation
  • Addresses fine lines and signs of aging
  • Fights skin fatigue
  • Improves elasticity
  • Supports firmness

Leaving the skin with renewed smoothness, clarity, and radiance.

Set contains 8x 6ml dropper serum bottles. Suggested usage is one bottle of AM and one bottle of PM per week for four weeks.

*Crafted in Switzerland with the highest quality pure botanicals.

*test performed on ingredients.

A.M. Contains 90.5% Naturals, P.M. Contains 97.7% Naturals


Product Details


Gold Heptapeptide
Softens the appearance of wrinkles* 

Light Activated Enzymes
(Spirulina Maxima)
Visibly decrease the appearance of wrinkles and provide a firmer-looking skin*
Visibly improve skin radiance*

Revitalizing Microalga
(Green Microalga)
Increases skin’s moisture and promotes a visibly glowing, pink complexion*
Re-energizes, promoting a younger, radiant looking skin*

Multifunctional Skin Brightener
(Rye, Cereals)
Dissolves the look of excessive dark pigments, lessening the appearance of pre-existing dark spots*
Reduces the appearance of skin hyper pigmentation*

(Vitamin B3)
Prevents new discoloration from appearing and supports an even-looking complexion* 

(Nicotiana Sylvestris)
Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles*
Promotes an even-toned, firmer, smoother appearance*

(Tranexamic Acid)
Prevents new discoloration from appearing and supports an even-looking complexion*
Visibly reduces the appearance of redness*

*Tests performed on ingredients. GOLD RECOVERY INTENSE CONCENTRATE PM

Gold Heptapeptide
Softens the appearance of wrinkles* 

Night Repair Enzymes
(Green Freshwater Microalgae)
Impacts the skin’s ability as we rest overnight, helping to fight blue light pollution, visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles*

Hexapeptide Amplified
Reduces the look of expression wrinkles caused by repeated muscle contraction*
Visibly improves skin smoothness*

Amino Acid-Copper Complex
Promotes a more elastic and firmer looking skin*
Softens the appearance of wrinkles*

Refining Lipopeptide
Softens the appearance of frown lines, marionette lines and nasogenial folds*
Reduces the appearance of crow’s feet* 

Bionymph Peptide Stem Cell Extract
(Nicotiana Sylvestris)
Softens the appearance of fine lines*

Lotus Japonica Extract
Softens the appearance of wrinkles, creating a smoother look*

*Tests performed on ingredients.


Chantecaille Aromacologie Products Are Free Of Animal Components, Gluten Free And Vegan. We Never Test On Animals.


Use every three months as a 28-day regenerative treatment. In the morning apply Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate AM, directly to clean skin followed by your choice of serum and moisturizer. In the evening, apply Gold Recovery Intense Concentrate PM, directly to clean skin followed by your choice of serum and moisturizer.