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Halloween Spirit Week

From October 26th to October 31st, we're hosting a fabulous themed week at our studio that you won't want to miss!

Participate in our daily costume themes, and receive an exclusive gift with your purchase.

It's all about community, fun, and a shared love for all things beauty and skincare.

Here's the spellbinding lineup:

October 26: Decades Day Travel back in time with us! Whether you're vibing with the roaring '20s elegance, swinging '60s styles, disco-fever '70s, or embracing the boldness of the '80s, choose your favorite era and dazzle us with your retro look. Find inspiration in timeless beauty trends and receive a gift that complements your timeless style.

October 27: Disney Day "Mirror, mirror on the wall," who's the most dedicated Disney fan of them all? Show your love for all things Disney - be it princesses, villains, or classic characters. Transform into your favorite character and let the magic happen. Our special gift will ensure your fairytale look remains enchanting!

October 28: Jersey Day or Sports Day It's game time! Put on your favorite team's jersey, gear up in your sports attire, and show off your athletic spirit. Whether you're team basketball, football, baseball, or any sport in between, celebrate it with pride. Score a beauty touchdown with our sporty gift of the day!

October 30: Barbie + Ken Day Get ready to strut your stuff down the pink carpet! Embrace the iconic style of Barbie and Ken. Whether it's classic Barbie glam, chic beachside Ken, or any of their numerous stylish personas - the possibilities are endless. Accessorize, glamorize, and receive a gift that's just as fabulous as you are!

October 31: Halloween Costume Celebration On the spookiest night of the year, we invite you to unleash your creativity with any Halloween costume that speaks to your soul. From the classic to the creative, from spooky to spellbinding, all costumes are welcome. Treat yourself with a purchase, and we'll match it with a treat of our own - no tricks, we promise!

Participation is a breeze. Simply come into our store on the themed days, adorned in your themed attire, explore our latest collection of cosmetics and skin products, and make a purchase.

You'll walk away with not just our premium products but also an exclusive gift as a testament to your spirit!

This Halloween Spirit Week, we're celebrating more than just beauty. We're celebrating you, your individuality, and your creativity. It's a week of self-expression, fun, and community bonding.

So, mark your calendars, prepare your costumes, and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of style, skincare, and magical surprises. We can't wait to admire your fabulous looks!