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Clean Beauty

Quadrant Refill

What It Is 

Our first-ever curated eye collections. Simple, perfect, and expertly curated to create both minimal and high-impact looks. Builds from a sheer translucent wash of color to rich, saturated hues. Each soft to the touch color is infused with organic extracts like Honeysuckle and Gardenia and infused with natural Bamboo and Carnauba Wax for seamless blending. 


These tissue-thin, silky powder eye shadows transform, deepen, and shift with every layer, enveloping eyes in ethereal color. Some are sand-dune soft and matte. Some shimmer like a distant heat mirage, a blanket of stars in the vast desert sky. 


The Quadrant is refillable and can be housed in an Iconic Edition or Red Edition compact. Innovative technology allows shades to be precisely pressed together into a single pan, reducing the amount of tin metal and packaging material needed.


Shade Descriptions

Wanderer: Wanderer carries four essential neutrals that combine into a lifetime of looks. Soft, matte and satin shades inspired by earthy, luminous sand-dunes.

The four shades in Wanderer are:


Angelic - Light pink

Grace - Light mocha

Wisdom - Mauve brown

Charmed - Versatile beige


Spellbound: Spellbound is full of night magic—infinite warm, smoky possibilities lay within it. Inspired by a distant heat mirage, a blanket of stars in the vast desert sky. 

The four shades in Spellbound are:


Divine - Neutral, classic grey 

Earthy Calm- Warm brown

Magnetic - Brown gold

Cloud Nine - Light ivory