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Clean Beauty

Bio Lifting Neck Cream


An innovative neck cream powered by botanicals that promote a more firm and brighter appearance of the delicate skin of the neck and décolleté while simultaneously moisturizing. The extract from Yellow Poppy flowers helps create a contoured looking jaw line and an elegant swan-like neck. Crafted in Switzerland with the highest quality pure botanicals.

87% Natural including a rosewater base; Vegan-friendly.


Product Details

Calcium, Amino Acids and Remodeling Tripeptides
Reveal denser and more elastic looking skin while fighting dehydration, eliminating the "crepe paper" look*

(Extract from yellow poppy flowers) Creates a contoured looking jaw line, softening the appearance of a double chin*

Watercress Skin Lightening Complex
Results in the appearance of a more uniform and brighter looking complexion*

Raspberry Stem Cell Extract
A major anti-oxidant that soothes dry skin reducing the appearance of redness. Soothes dry skin immediately and in the long-term*

Softens the look of expression lines caused by muscular contractions*

Creates a film that immediately tightens and smoothens out the appearance of fine lines*

Magnolia Youth Complex
Contains two potent extracts from the bark of the Magnolia tree with properties that effectively soothe dry skin*

Jasmine/Narcissus/Mimosa Flower Waxes
Emollient and softening to skin

* Tests performed on ingredient.

Rose centers and uplifts promoting a sense of well-being.