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Clean Beauty

Powder Bronzer Brush


Dermatologically tested 

Made of hypoallergenic synthetic fibers 

Not tested on animals 


Gentle enough for sensitive skin 

Made in Italy

Brush Descriptions

  • Blush/Foundation Brush: Created as an alternative to finger-application of our Cream Blush and Cream Foundation, this is the ideal brush for covering large areas of the face and beautifully blending makeup. Features a shorter handle for maximum control.


  • Powder Brush: A large, fluffy brush made for powder application. Angled design for maximum coverage control flawlessly blended results. 


  • Buffer Concealer Brush: The ultimate tool for applying and blending our Invisible Touch Concealer. The Buffer Concealer Brush always deposits the right amount of makeup to your face, whether you need light or heavy coverage.


  • Concealer Brush: The ultimate tool for applying and blending our Cream Foundation as a concealer. 


  • Buffer Glow Brush: This specially designed, dense bristle brush is the latest addition to every makeup artist kit. Buffer Glow brush provides a targeted, more concentrated application for Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation or LightSlip powder highlighter.


  • Powder Bronzer Brush: This large, rounded brush picks up the ideal amount of powder bronzer for seamless application.

Care Instructions

Use a natural brush cleanser or a gentle natural soap/shampoo and cleanse once a week. Make sure that water doesn’t get into the ferrule. Dry with a paper towel or cloth then lay flat to dry overnight.