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Re-charge Black Pepper Body Lotion


Re-Charge Black Pepper

Warm the senses with our bold blend of black pepper and verdant vetiver. This Body Lotion moisturises the skin while leaving it scented with the spirit of adventure.

The Fragrance

The off-road trek from mountainous Masaola to a savannah grass canyon. A spice-spiked breeze kicks heated earth. Loose rubble tumbles into deep gorges, shot through with streams. Conquer the adventure with our iconic fragrance.

Adventurous. Confident. Iconic.

Meet The Perfumer

Jacques Chabert, Master Perfumer

Eminent Master Perfumer, Jacques Chabert, is the architect behind Molton Brown’s most iconic collections. With 50 years’ industry experience, he has an exquisite expertise of the fragrance world. His olfactory repertoire includes the adventurous Re-charge Black Pepper and escapist Heavenly Gingerlily. As he says, perfume is part of civilisation.

Madagascan black pepper with coriander and basil.
Pep up your daily routine with our iconic blend.

Black peppercorn oil (for antioxidant protection).
Coriander essential oil (a green, fresh hit).
Herby and fresh basil oil.
Hot. Spicy. Adventurous.

Fragrance Family: Spicy

10 oz./ 300 mL
- Suitable for all skin types
- Sustainable
- Vegan
- Gluten-free
- Paraffin, paraben-free
- Pump bottle

About Molton Brown:
In 1973, the original Molton Brown salon opened on South Molton Street in London, and soon clients were clamoring for appointments. Shortly thereafter, the salon began to offer a line of products that it hand-mixed from nettles and chamomile.