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This is a luxury travel bag that combines a masculine color-scheme with elegant design. The Camo provides storage, style, and stability. It nobly weathers everyday use without compromising any looks.


The Mal Boutique bag brings a new twist to the unfailingly elegant combination of black and gold. One part edgy, one part classic, this roomy travel bag is sure to dazzle while ensuring you’re ready for anything your trip may bring.


The McCord Boutique bag is made with custom leather, flecked with gold and tastefully shielded from wear with our signature translucent layer. Its muted grey tones paired with chestnut brown piping evoke luxury. But the smart interior design let’s you know the McCord Boutique isn’t just a pretty face.


Gold splashes and brown edging give the Mills Boutique bag it’s wow-factor. Its light cow-hide print is the ultimate anything-but-boring neutral palette. Bring all your travel essentials with you, and look good doing it.


Looking for a luxury travel bag that combines a masculine color-scheme with elegant design? Meet Mister Boutique. He’s your man when it comes to providing storage, style, and stability. He nobly weathers everyday use without compromising his handsome looks.


The Morgan Boutique bag is for the unapologetically bold—unafraid to stand out in the best way. The leopard print trend has proven itself timeless; pair it with elegant pops of gold and ample interior storage, and you’ve got yourself the perfect travel bag.