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The GOEL Story

Jazz and martinis.
Their favorite restaurant.
Great conversation and a big idea.
One night two friends who’d become a little restless,
thanks to a global pandemic,
came up with a plan to do something
fun and create something new.

Chaz, a gay man, and Jessica, a single mom, wanted to create a brand reflective of themselves: unique but strong. Their individual experiences in life taught them both similar lessons: it is never too late to be what you want to be; life is best when you unapologetically embrace who you truly are; and it is scary but rewarding to risk it all to start over. Out of humbling lessons, true friendship, and unconditional acceptance of individualism, GOEL, a combination of their last names: Godwin & Ellis, was born.

Go where you want to go, be who you want to be, forge your own path, and take something beautiful with you!



MAL - Black and Gold Foil

MCCORD - White and Tan Foil

MILLS - Brown and Gold Foil

MISTER - Mixed without Foil

MORGAN - Leopard and Gold Foil 

CAMO - Leather and Camo