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Powder Highlighter Refill

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True to its name, LightSlip looks like a beam of light and feels utterly weightless.

This buildable highlighter formula glides on evenly, leaving a natural-looking, dewy sheen in its wake, and layers create a strobe-lit iridescence.

Every layer gives skin a soft pearlescent glaze, thanks to ethically-sourced mica, and mimics the way natural light hits the face, for a sophisticated, elegant look.

- Infused with Organic Jojoba Wax and Sunflower Seed Oil to create a lush, super-soft to the touch texture

- No parabens, silicones or other synthetic ingredients

Available in two sheer, opalescent shades: Beam (100% Vegan formula), a cool champagne-pearl, and Luminous, a warm rose-gold. Both work beautifully on all skin tones, leaving it subtly glossy and radiant.

How to Apply

For an iridescent look and to perfect the strobing technique, apply with the Buffer Glow brush following the cheekbone line.

For a natural glow or diffused look use a softer powder brush like Powder Brush and apply over the cheekbones, making a C-shape around the outer eye up to the brow. Other areas to accent are the nose and cupid’s bow.

Kirsten’s tip: make sure skin is dry and any prep products like moisturizers, oils and liquid foundation are absorbed before applying LightSlip Powder Highlighter to avoid natural waxes and oils from hardening.


Shade Descriptions

Beam: Cool, champagne pearl

Luminous: Warm, rose gold