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Bubble Bath - Relaxing Lavender

The LAVENDER BUBBLE BATH - “RELAXING” with essential oil of lavender for aromatherapy, harmonizes and can help bring your mind and body back into balance. Experience the relaxing scent of lavender by soaking in a warm bath for 15 to 20 minutes. The lavender bubble bath fills the tub with beautiful shades of blue and lavender like a calm ocean. Along with the beneficial ingredients, the color of the bath water can play a part in calming one's mood through the use of color therapy. By combining the finest ingredients with rich, calming hues, Kneipp strives to deliver your best bathing experience.

Loaded with Lavender essential oil to calm the senses

Soothing blend of aroma and color therapy creates the perfect bed-time bath ritual

Reach for this when: You are overdue for a good night’s sleep