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Clean Beauty

The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo

Go deep, purifying hair and scalp without stripping their essence. Volcanic ash powers this detoxifying mousse, which polishes away dirt, oil, and product buildup. Hair is restored, with a new inner glow. 

How to use: 

Massage foam into hair and scalp, indulge, rinse. (Repeat, if needed, for ultra-clean hair.) Use once a week or as desired. 


New approach to clarifying that uses skincare exfoliants

Aerosol mousse transforms into a creamy lather to deeply cleanse without stripping

Clarifies by polishing away dirt, oil and product buildup

Removes mineral buildup from hard water and chlorine

Preps hair for treatments and processing

Oribe Signature Complex (Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower) defends hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin all while protecting from the drying, damaging and color-depleting effects of the elements.
Papaya Fruit Extract, containing nutrients, minerals and enzymes, smoothes the hair cuticle, leaving it visibly healthier looking and ultra-shiny
Volcanic Ash gently exfoliates the hair strands and scalp, removing dirt, oil and product buildup to reveal ultra-clean, healthy, shiny hair without stripping away natural oils.
Sea Kelp Extract purifies the scalp, clearing pores and buildup.
Eucalyptus invigorates the scalp, providing a healthy environment for hair.
Green Tea Extract strengthens each hair strand to protect it against damage and breakage.