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Active Treatment Essence


ACTIVE TREATMENT ESSENCE Illuminating and Renewing Hydration Active Treatment Essence™ is a deeply hydrating formula that delivers radiance and renewal to all skin.

At the heart of this essential hydration step is Vintner’s Daughter® proprietary Phyto Radiance Infusion, a 21-day process which begins with nutrient-rich, whole plants and, over the course of three weeks, gently infuses their powerful nourishment into an aqueous base.

Amplifying the infusion is our Phyto Ferment™, a 14-day proprietary process that facilitates nutrition absorption through enzymes for more resilient, healthy skin. The complex formula for Active Treatment Essence™ deeply hydrates, brightens, illuminates, renews and revitalizes the complexion, restoring balance and evening tone and texture to noticeably improve the overall appearance of skin.

With 70+ water-soluble nutrients and plant actives, including stabilized vitamin C, a full-suite of B vitamins, micro and mini hyaluronic acid, beneficial enzymes, micro-exfoliators, plant stem cells, microalgae and superfoods like astragalus and moringa, Active Treatment Essence™ offers multifaceted performance and supports the efficacy of subsequent products, including Active Botanical Serum

  • Glamour’s “Best Essence” Beauty Award 
  • Suitable for all skin including blemish-prone, sensitive, dehydrated, dull and/or mature skin
  • Suitable for daily AM/PM use
  • Formulated without added sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, PEGs or SLSs

Benefits Include:

  • Hydrates and Plumps Micro and mini hyaluronic, aloe vera, coconut water, apple pectin, and lactic acid work together to create multi-level hydration that lasts, resulting in skin that is more supple and resilient.
  • Brightens and Minimizes Discoloration Stabilized natural vitamin C, helichrysum, marshmallow, acerola, niacinamide, and dandelion combined with plant stem cells brighten and help address the appearance of discoloration.
  • Exfoliates and Smooths Gentle, natural plant acids and enzymes slough off dead skin cells daily to promote renewal and reveal a fresh, smooth complexion.
  • Renews and Revitalizes Antioxidant vitamin C, found in kakadu plums and acerola, along with plant stem cells support natural collagen retention in the skin.
  • Fortifies Free-radical fighting antioxidants, as well as beneficial enzymes, alfalfa, marine microalgae, marjoram, beta glucan, and a full-suite of B vitamins help support resilient clearer, fresher looking skin.
  • Balances and Clarifies Reestores vital hydration to support blemish-prone skin and delivers multi-tasking, balancing adaptogens.
  • Nourishes With 20+ superfoods—13 of which begin as whole plants—our formula feeds your skin unparalleled nourishment for skin that visibly looks and feels its very best.

Delivery System Active Treatment Essence’s multi-tiered delivery system ensures its hydrating formula is optimally absorbed by the skin to deliver its advanced performance.

  • First, it begins with an aqueous base solution that is able to reach deep within the skin, delivering critical nutrition and next generation plant actives.
  • Second, the proprietary Phyto Ferment™, a two-week fermentation process, enhances overall nutrient bioavailability and absorption.
  • Third, the signature Pat/Press Method™ of application enables even deeper absorption and evenly saturates skin with plumping, balancing hydration for lastig, real results.
Directions For Use After Cleansing:
  • Spray Active Treatment Essence ™ 5 to 7 times directly onto the face, neck and chest.
  • With fingertips, gently pat and press into the skin for 5-10 seconds. This technique encourages absorption to evenly hydrate the skin.
  • How To Use The Pat/Press Method ™ application is designed to amplify the delivery and performance of Vintner’s Daughter multi-beneficial nutritional formulas.

We invite you to incorporate them into your daily ritual.To amplify results and seal in hydration, immediately follow with 5-6 drops of Active Botanical Serum. OR PAT/PRESS METHOD ™ Our application method is designed to amplify the performance of your Active Treatment Essence. 


The ingredients for Active Treatment Essence™ were strategically chosen to work in synergy for remarkable results. From nutrient-dense superfoods, balancing adaptogens, and plants prized as ancient healers, Active Treatment Essence™ delivers efficacy through ingredient sourcing of the highest quality in partnership with conscious growers around the globe, and time-honored formulation methods. The complex formula for Active Treatment Essence™ offers multi-beneficial performance to deeply hydrate, illuminate, renew and prepare skin for Active Botanical Serum™.